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YOUNG TRYNAS - Probably Music 7"

YOUNG TRYNAS - Probably Music 7"

White Denim

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"Debut 7" from this new band out of DC released on the great White Denim label. Taylor from Priests plays guitar and vocals on this one and you might recognize their voice (since they sing on a couple of Priests tracks), but Young Trynas are a whole different beast. Murky, driving, and slightly grungy, Young Trynas are a lot more of a full-bore punk band than Priest's more spacious, delicate, yet still aggressive punk, but even with the more confrontational demeanor and more consistently loud-and-fast stylings the same level of songwriting chops are still apparent. Genre-wise, though, this one is all over the place, which is betrayed by the label's write-up, which mentions Madball, Hole, and Fang all in the same breath.... that's quite a spectrum for a single band to run, but Young Trynas pull it off with aplomb. I'm not sure fans of those bands (except maybe Hole?) would straight up be into this, but if the idea of a louder, rawer version of Priests intrigues you or if you're into the more confrontational batch of recent UK bands like Frau and Good Throb I would highly recommend checking this out." - SS

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