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AMDI PETERSENS ARME - Blod Ser Mere... 7"

AMDI PETERSENS ARME - Blod Ser Mere... 7"

Havoc Records

$8.99 CAD
"From Copenhagen Denmark comes Amdi Petersen's Arme. Named after an elusive Danish cult leader (the Jim Jones of Denmark?) this raw hardcore punk band took DIY hardcore circles by storm with their first 7" on Kick and Punch Records. APA play trashy aggressive hardcore in the early 80's US style. The first 7" sounded very much like early Dischord singles such as Youth Brigade, SOA and Teen Idles. This second 7" continues in the same vein but has a bit more of a Nervous Breakdown/Jealous Again era Black Flag feel or perhaps like missing sessions from Boston Not LA. Not only is this 7" raw and intense like sticking your hand in an industrial meat grinder, the songs are so catchy that you will be humming them to yourself for days after the first time you hear them. Amdi Petersen's Arme toured the USA in the summer of 2002. Then broke up. Members also played in Young Wasteners and Uro. Ex members of APA went on to perform in Gorilla Angreb and No Hope for the Kids." - HAVOC

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