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C. MEMI - Heavenly Peace 12"

C. MEMI - Heavenly Peace 12"

Bitter Lake Recordings

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"Heavenly Peace is the lone solo release of C. Memi, previously the leader of Osaka new wavers Neo Matisse. This resulting 1983 private press 7" EP is a more stated affair than "No Chocolate," with Memi tackling a more minimal synth sound over a fairly disparate palette of songs ranging from droning, abstract post-punk pieces to '60s French Chanson pop. Most impressive of all, however, is the ethereal title track "Heavenly Peace (Unga No Suimon Akete)," a song so beautiful, its swathes of cleansing, oceanic synths and its luminous, firework-like synth pop perfection stands as one of our favorite songs of its kind from all of Japan. Originally released as an 18-minute 7”, this has been reissued on a 45rpm 12” for optimal sound quality. On the 35th anniversary of the original release of Heavenly Peace, we lovingly welcome you to the enchantingly sentimental world of C. Memi. As biased as I am, I can give this nothing short of the highest recommendation possible!" -Adam


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