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DULL - one too CS

DULL - one too CS

Liberation Through Hearing

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"one too is a tale of muffled memories, velvet-soft dystopia and weightless romance. It seeks to alloy varied mental states and musical influences into a hypnotic fog. Unfolding in two parts, it carries a darker tone in the first half while the second softly rekindles with optimism. 

Through the use of sampled and recorded interweaves, soulful murmurs, jazz keys and shimmering delays, dull attempts to engage the listeners' interpretive freedom rather than to impose an overt narrative. The contradictory emotions that permeate his life are embroidered into his music, where timeless acoustics cohabitate with uncanny time signatures and harmonic oddities. 

Never firmly settled into one place, one too is a subtle and immersive soundtrack for rainy days, summer nights or Sunday mornings. Dismiss your obligations and let yourself wander…" - LTH


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