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ESKORBUTO - Eskizofrenia LP

ESKORBUTO - Eskizofrenia LP

Munster Records

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"We are proud to reissue "Eskizofrenia", Eskorbuto's first LP from 1985, one of the most influential punk album in the Spanish and Latin American scenes, which showcases what they are known for: radicalism, a self-taught style and crude lyrics. When asked to describe the album tracks in an interview at the time of its release, band member Iosu preferred instead to tell some anecdotes about the band and share his views on a few issues. Some excerpts from that interview give a good idea of what this record and band were about.

Many bands have good ideas and I like what they're saying, but when it comes to it, they're just a lie.

You're not alive, you're not dead, just condemned. It's worrying, you're part of what you most hate: the system. It's unbelievable.

The earth is a big toilet where we all survive and if it's flushed we'll all go to shit.

When we were recording 'Rogad a Dios a los muertos' and listened to the vocals without music, it seemed like a sort of evil ritual. In a common graveyard you can find all kinds of skeletons; well, almost any kind, because you're not going to find the skull of a king. Even dead, they have better accommodation.

If we've used the Simmons electronic drums it's because it suited us during the recording. If it's good, hurray for science!

I think throwing beer cans to the stage is stupid, I don't dig that at all because I can be hit. Gobbing doesn't bother me.

The last lyrics we've written say: "Ignorant people that were afraid of us before / become friendly without our permission / cowards pretending to be brave / badmouthing us in front of people / but careful, we warn you, we're the same as when we started".

Somebody came looking for us to play at a party that was taking place 200 yards away from our rehearsal space. We loaded up the amps and everything else was ready. The audience started to come in, and what an audience! The average size was ten.

In Madrid, many of the graffitis we painted saying ESKORBUTO had written below "sons of bitches", signed by the JONS (Spanish fascist movement). Very nice of them.

In the auditorium of the University of Deusto, we were playing with the band Médanos de Singapur. We came onstage throwing an iron bar from the second floor, we jumped on and started playing. My guitar only had three strings. People were having fun, someone handed me a penknife to scratch the strings and I threw it against the wall. As if by miracle, it got stuck in a painting of the Virgin Mary." - MUNSTER

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