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Fiestas Negras Zine - Yecatl Pena

Fiestas Negras Zine - Yecatl Pena

Yecatl Pena

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“This new book by Yecatl Peña comes out straight from his guts as a powerful punch in the face of mexican society. Corruption, vileness, decay and shit hidden under big layers of indifference upon reality made this book super necessary to be published in the most disgusting way possible. Completely screen printed with toxic inks over recycled papers, we’re sure this book and its production will represent a heavy weight to carry on our mental and physical health but the things on its pages are needed to be told…"

21 x 30 cm / 12" x 8" 
28 pages 
Golden, Neon Red and Black Inks over Black and Brown recycled papers 
Hand Screen Printed.“

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