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JUYOUNG LEE - "The More I See" Photo Book & Poster

JUYOUNG LEE - "The More I See" Photo Book & Poster


$60.00 CAD
"A high quality 600+ page book stuffed full of the beautiful photography of the (mostly) punk and hardcore life from the last 5 years. There are photos of bands from all over the globe in here but the main focus is on the Korean punk scene which is a bustling and extremely productive force to be reckoned with. And not very well documented until now.

In addition to her excellent photography, Juyoung plays drums in the equally excellent SCUMRAID who we released a 7"ep for earlier this year. We're lucky to know and work with such creative and awesome people. The More I See is your chance to see a scene and a life through a great eye.

Comes with a die cut cover, huge poster and a hand stamped envelope." - IRON LUNG

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