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Metalian - Midnight Rider LP

Metalian - Midnight Rider LP

Dure Réalité

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"Blistering and at times symphonic solos aside, the intricately woven song structures this time around raise Midnight Rider to the same level of ecstatic Priest meets Jaguar meets Raven glory as the highly energetic Wasteland LP, on which tracks such as "Heat Ray", "Edge of the Knife" and "Wasteland" do utmost justice to the aforementioned pioneers of the much lauded NWOBHM, back when sheer explosiveness intertwined with deft composition skills were the norm prior to the advent of the "big four" and their more or less hedonistic, savage riff mongering which unfortunately came at the cost of melody and classical depth. In other words, as brawny as it is, Metalian strives for more than simple mosh pit causation and head banger-y." - Chairthrower


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