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SACRAMENCE - Cremations 2xCS

SACRAMENCE - Cremations 2xCS

Found Remains

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"Sacramence has always been an evolutionary artist, continually shedding the skin of past work to form something new, something worthwhile. Lovers Seek Dominance, Sacramence’s debut album, was strongly cemented in industrial culture and the cult of Christ. Those themes carried over into a split EP with Altered Form and another EP, Tantrum; however, the sonic palette of Sacramence was ever changing. Abrasive rhythms began to give way to pulsating beats and ominous chants, and distant whispers transformed into electrified calls and electronic soundscapes. 

Cremations, Sacramence's new album, marks yet another departure for the artist. The album’s theme is now centered on dead love, and lost love, against the backdrop of a dying society. Those pulsating beats are now in the forefront while sorrowful synthesizers make clear the pain of a genuine romance never to be had, or forgotten. Although highly personal, Cremations does lend a brief open hand in the form of “Modern Love,” the lead track off the album that borders on pop. Make no mistake though, Cremations as whole is far from pop and closer to the darkwave masters of the 1980s. 

So take heed from Sacramence and embrace the death of love. Embrace Cremations." - FR

" "Cremations” is a perfect foray into the dank underground of electronic projects. These 2 tapes showcase a burgeoning spirit and go to great efforts to traverse the vast landscape that has been laid out before its arrival. Offering a unique and individual take on this is near impossible at this stage, and while Sacramence may not have reinvented any wheels, they have certainly commandeered the vehicle and turned it down a path into the strangely disturbing and downright unnerving with this blend of crushed, romantically disintegrated electronic music. Highly Recommended." 
-S. Vince (Down + Out Zine) 

"...abrasive noise, sorrowful synths, synth pop melody..." 


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