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SARAH PIANTADOSI - The City Is Abstract

SARAH PIANTADOSI - The City Is Abstract


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"What're the materials of this city? Is sensuality less valuable than rational thought? Is there a split between mind and body, or rather between these two types of mentality? ...Is our city abstract?"
- Kathy Acker, Don Quixote. 1986

"The City Is Abstract presents a raw, carnal and uncompromising head to head between two subcultural figures from opposing sides of the Atlantic, Emil Bognar-Nasdor and Reba Maybury.

During a meeting at Piantadosi’s studio in 2015 these pictures were created spontaneously, cementing a specific kinetic moment in the lives of the subjects portrayed. The studio, though located in London, represents a neutral space between cities where experimentation, emotion and sexuality are acted out uninhibited and unrestrained.

Emil Bognar-Nasdor is a NYC musician, producer and multi-media performance artist. These photos were taken during a European tour for his primordial noise band, Dawn of Humans.

Reba Maybury is a British writer, dominatrix and founder of publishing house Wet Satin Press.

Sarah Piantadosi is a London based photographer who regularly contributes to Dazed and Confused, Another Man and AnOther magazines.

Limited edition of 250 copies, art directed by Jamie Andrew Reid" - DITTO

Offset 2 colour 
Archival paper

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