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STEVE ROACH - Structures From Silence LP

STEVE ROACH - Structures From Silence LP

Telephone Explosion Records

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Steve Roach was part of the progressive ambient movement that rose across America's West Coast during the 1970's. 

His 1984 album "Structures From Silence" marked the first time he moved away from the sequencer-driven, Berlin-school ambient trance of his earliest releases, to focus entirely on beatless tracks that breathe and sway with exquisite gentleness. 

Structures From Silence might be less trumpeted than, say, Eno’s Ambientrecords, but in terms of emotional affect and textural flair, it more than trumps them. - Fact Magazine.

The three extended compositions that comprise Structures arise out of such quiescence; the loops and gentle melodic refrains spire upwards and suggest vistas. Pitchfork's "Best Ambient Albums Of All Time"

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