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T. GOWDY - Vitrify Kate CS

T. GOWDY - Vitrify Kate CS

Liberation Through Hearing

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"Inspired by the relationship between memory and reality, Vitrify Kate is a collection of performances (studio and live) that have been played, recorded and mixed by T. Gowdy from December 2017 to May 2018 in Montréal, Gorzów Wielkopolski and Berlin. 

Vitrify Kate attempts to express the significance that memory has on the perception of reality. A stored memory can be seen as a pane of glass in the mind. As a new memory is added, older ones recede further back into the rows of recollection. The new memory acts as a lens through which distant memories are perceived. The perception of an older memory is distorted by the addition of a new one. The past becomes an actively changing element. The past is not a static place. Memories are continually distorted as new “panes” of experience are constructed. 

The creation of the material on Vitrify Kate is in line with the concept of vitrified memory. Musical pieces are intentionally left over time to harden (vitrify) in to impressions in the mind, some in whole pieces, some in broken elements. After a period has passed, memory is used as a tool to forge new interpretations of the compositions. Each attempt to reconstruct the vitrified impressions yields a pattern of unique distortions and therefore no one true version can exist." - LTH


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