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TBC - Musik I Plast 7"

TBC - Musik I Plast 7"

Re-Ken Records

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"Muddy proggers with classic 70s haircuts and facial hair in an attempt to play raw punk or aggressive boogie rockers? Hard to tell, but I call it punk and I think they’re pretty amazing as well. Truly Folkets Hus punk in the vein of Goteborg Sound and Rune Strutz but with some wailing harmonica and classic progg/ punk lyrics. You don’t understand Swedish? Not my problem mate, but they were most likely the only punk band with a song dedicated to Lill-Babs (the world’s most boring woman). Aaah, the hate and the venom in the lyrics always puts a smile on my face.

Erich, there’s a link between this band and our beloved Swedish socialdemocratic party as the cover is printed on the same paper as the party used to print their propaganda posters on, making it one of the thinnest and most fragile covers I’ve ever seen on a 7″. And look at the name written on the back of it! Bert Wilzén! The same guy who used to own my copy of Live pa Musikverket none the less. Good old Bert bought 247 records in the 11 months between his purchase of these 2 records and a few of them (including the frequently requested TT Garderob 100) have now found a home in my collection.

In 1981 the band released a posthumous live E.P. that includes the kick ass song Nakna brudar as well as two of the songs from this 7″ and a Chelsea cover, but by then the band had transformed into The Pinheads." - KBD

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