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TRANS FX - Into The Blu LP

TRANS FX - Into The Blu LP


$21.00 CAD
"Trans FX’s new album gives me the same feeling I get when I see silver and pink in the sky, or a cup of purple glitter ready for something, or that excited but timid feeling you get by yourself at your favorite band’s show mid-set.

It is a cosmic collision, co-released by two Olympia, Washington, labels, Perennial and K Records. The best tracks on the album are those that stay closest to the harmony of light static noise from a TV, a synth that sounds like it was dipped in honey, and galactic sonic power. The title track is an epic incision into the silent air, and sounds like the sleepy daughter of Dan Deacon and Brian Eno. Ben Leonard’s cello on the track sounds like the gentle footsteps of a violet ghost. The lyrics to the song are the perfect spider web of words: “One day a sun will rise and take the grey out of the sky, just make sure you let him in.” " - Victoria Ruiz (Downtown Boys) Full Article

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