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U-NIX - Demo CS

U-NIX - Demo CS

Best Before Records

$5.00 CAD
"Seven rapid-fire cuts on this demo from Portland's U-NIX. Ever since hearing that John from NASA Space Universe had started a new HC punk band in Portland, I've been extremely curious to hear U-NIX, and this demo finally delivers on that promise. U-NIX play fast as all hell, with most tracks here clocking in around the one minute mark. The big differentiator that allows U-NIX to stand out from the hordes of fast/faster/fastest HC groups is the thorough quality of the songwriting. As with NSU, the guitar playing is not only inventive, but lends itself to compliment the sheer speed and finesse of the rhythm section and vocals that hold nothing back. A seriously roaring cannon of tuneage from a group that we should all be watching for. Highly recommended! Best Before 84 / pro duplicated."

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