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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Standards of Beauty 3XCS

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Standards of Beauty 3XCS


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Janushoved proudly presents the latest compilation 'Standards Of Beauty’.

Three cassettes of Sex Ambience, filled to the brim with new material,
displaying the scope of Janushoved circa May, 2018.

The love calls of birds recoil
Bathed in the post meridian light
In which we sit
Shoulder by shoulder
On the ground in the untamed green
With a scent of honey melon and matcha tea
Pulled away from the clamour of the usual scenery
So as not to be seen or eavesdropped on
Going through pictures of life
Captured last summer on your iPhone:

"Children building intricate designs of dams and sand castles."
"Japanese trees supported by wooden constructions so as not to fall.”

Sex and Generosity. Play and Marvel.

Iconic Essentials." -JANUSHOVED

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