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VOCO PROTESTA - Vojo al libereco LP

VOCO PROTESTA - Vojo al libereco LP

La Vida Es Un Mus

$17.99 CAD

"Tokyo's VOCO PROTESTA blend the best of the last fifteen years of Japanese distorted hardcore with the early 80’s European punk attitude. Their sound has changed a touch since their three 7"s - It’s more dynamic, perhaps less CONFUSE and more CRUDE SS. However, their ideas are still the same, highly idealistic anarchist lyrics about a better world sang in Esperanto. Their sonic approach is still distorted, primitive and urgent. Fast and angry. 'Vojo el Libereco' is a classic slice of raw hardcore for any fans of GLOOM, FRAMTID, FRIGORA and other masters of the black and white high contrast artwork. Cover by Teodoro Hernandez." -LVEUM

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